True Reflector Co., Ltd. True Reflector Co., Ltd. is a Thai leading manufacturer of traffic products. Established in 2001, True Reflector started business by producing thermoplastic road marking material factory in Saraburi, Thailand. As we operated for a 3-4 Years, we realized that we had an opportunity to serve a variety of safety products for the industry. The company has constantly manufactured the full array of traffic products and services for over one decade. We are proud to serve many governmental departments and private companies.

We, with our expertise and long experience, always maintain high quality of merchandises and services. We generally serve thermoplastic road marking materials traffic signs, Road stud, guardrails, and traffic road marking services. Benefactors of our transaction are deal with government departments, such as Department of Highway, Department of Rural Roads Town Municipalities, and Sub district Administration Organizations, most construction companies and property development agencies are one of our regular customers. According to our highest quality, we are extensively accredited by a great deal of clients including. Not only do we keep up our effective production, but also we have outstanding services. As we provide a great number of products, our inventory management must cooperate with customer consistently. One of our acclaims is to retain on-time delivery and maximize customer satisfaction. These are the company’s competitive advantages in which we strongly believe that we are over other competitors.

To assure the prospective customers, True Reflector’s management system is certified by ISO 9001:2008 This values inspires us the way we serve our clients and enhance our business strategies.



True Reflector Co., Ltd. the company is a manufacturer, distributor, thermoplastic road marking materials, glass beads for road marking materials, and installer of all types of traffic equipment, i.e. traffic sign, safety sign, guardrail (Steel Beam Guardrail), and all other types of traffic products with our owned 10 years of experiences by most consideration on the product qualities and safeties. We always choose to use the materials which are in standardized qualities, or our safety sign which made from new aluminium and zinc material attached with the reflective sticker grade engineer, grade prismatic, grade diamond, 3M and Nikkalite stickers Japan standard. Consequently, the traffic sign from True Reflector Co., Ltd. provides the longer life of application compared to the give price. Since we are the factory, as a result our traffic sign products are not that expensive. We have the reliability from various institutions, either public sectors, such as Department of Highway, Department of Rural Roads, Municipalities, including the Local Administrative Offices, or the private sectors, and all industrial factories in the country. In addition, the company has also guaranteed on the quality management by ISO 9001:2008 in order to assure customer of the confidence on business performance with us afterward.



Thermoplastic road marking Road line Thermoplastic marking

True Reflector Co., Ltd. produce thermoplastic road marking material under the brand name of “True-Way” widely distributed across the country and neighbors. The material has been made to comply with the specification of Department of Highway of Thailand. Also, we produce and develop the product to meet our customers” needs. To assure the prospective customers, True Reflector’s management system is certified by ISO 9001:2008 since 2003 and “True-Way” is certified by Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) 542-2549

Thermoplastic marking material is suitable for traffic line to divide the channel lane. For safety and reducing the accidents for asphaltic and concrete coat surfaces, such as highway, parking lots and area in factories. This can be clearly seen, especially at night. Both white and yellow colors are commonly used for road markings. True-Way, Packaging in plastic sack, net weight is 20 kgs.



With more than True Reflector Co., Ltd. experiences and advanced equipment maneuvered by professionals, our road marking services of thermoplastic and traffic paint material are widely acceptable by every government agency, mainly the Department of Highway, Department of Rural Roads, Municipalities, including the Local Administrative Offices, hotels ,factories industrial the hospital, school and private companies.



Tack coat has special qualification, suitable for used as primer by spraying before road marking by thermoplastic material. This is a tack coat primer which shall enhance the fastening between thermoplastic material and working surface. The primer (tack coat) of True Reflector Co., Ltd. is composed of the high quality chemical substances a special characteristic, which is very adhesive stick and durable.

Tack coat operating method
• Clean the working surface and then spray the primer (Tack coat) on that
surface, then road marking by thermoplastic material. If the slab or surface is wetting, it must be dried off before perform the work.

• Store strictly in the ventilated area, and keep put from children.
• Do not place near to heat or flame.
• Shall be used in place with good ventilation.
• Avoid smelling of the primer (tack coat), and avoid skin contact.
• Be careful not to get the primer (tack coat) into mouth and DO NOT drink or eat this primer. Close the cover tightly after every use.

Contain 10 Kg/Bucket


Reflective glass beads Glass beads for road marking Glass beads

True Reflector Co., Ltd. is a distributor glass beads for thermoplastic road marking which produced by Star Beads Industry Co., Ltd. It is high quality and conforms the requirements of Thailand Industrial Standard (TIS) 543-2550 categorized to three types as following
• Type 1  No.18-2550
• Type 2  No.11-2550
• Type 3  No.951

Glass Beads is material for reflective thermoplastic road marking materials at least 30% as a Department of Highway standard and Thailand Industrial Standard TIS 543-2550. In additional, it also used with traffic paint to be Cleary seen at night by the reflection of the headlight of an automobile.


Thai Industrial Standard TIS. 543-2550 Type 1 No.18-2550


Thai Industrial Standard TIS. 543-2550 Type 2 No.11-2550


Thai Industrial Standard TIS. 543-2550 Type 3 No.951




Road stud of True Reflector Co., Ltd. is used for dividing the road boundary, for safety, reducing the accidents, made from aluminium alloy attached with the reflective sheet made from the acrylic plastic sheet. This acrylic is a reflective available 1 or 2 sides on road stud. The reflection index during night time. There are 2 colors which are white and yellow.

Features of road stud
• High brightness and clearness.
• Tough, not easy to break, can tolerate maximum 30 tons of truck weight.
• Last long application and endure for all climate circumstances.
• Surface is endure to the corrosion, and can be self-cleaning.
• Remain its reflective index through whole application life.
• Size: 100 x 100 x 25 mm.


Reflective Glass Road Stud

Glass road stud is used for determining the boundary or alignment of the road, which shall enhance the safety for vehicles users during night. Is suitable to be visualized in any kind of climates. The glass road stud body is a 100 mm. diameter sphere. As a result, it shall reflect the light for 360° irrespective the direction from which the vehicles are arriving. This is especially suited for the visibility of any vehicle riders in all climate circumstances all day time, night time, and variant climates. There are 2 colors available, which are white, yellow


Guardrail or Steel Beam Guardrails

Guardrail is processed by method of Basic Oxygen Open Heat Electric Furnace, the galvanized steel sheet is long lasting and extremely resists to erosion. Guard rail is generally mounted along sharp curve to prevent an accident. Guard rail is classified in two classes which is.

Class 1 : The guard rail thickness is not less than 3.2 mm.
Class 2 : The guard rail thickness is not less than 2.5 mm. 
Also divided in two type which are 
Type 1 : coat zinc is at least 550 gm/sq./mm. by hot dip method. 
Type 2 : coat zinc is at least 1100 gm./sq./mm. by hot dip method 
(For using nearly sea and high corrosion area) We also provide reflective adhesion materials on guardrail for optional.

Guard rails and accessories guard rail
- W Beam guard rail : thickness 2.5 mm., and 3.2 mm., length 2, 3
  and 4 meters.
- W Beam flare end wing.
- Splice sheet metal.
- Straight guard rail post (height 2 meters).
- Guard rail post with 30 degree askew end.
- Guard rail post with 60 degree askew end.
- Guard rail post welded to steel plate (height can be customized
  per your project).
- Screws or bolts and nuts.
- Long screws or long bolts and nuts.
- Spacers screws.
- Rounded guard rail, 4″ diameter, one sided, White, Yellow.
- Rounded guard rail, 4″ diameter, two sided, White, Yellow.
- Trapezium guard rail delineator, one sided, White, Yellow.
- Trapezium guard rail delineator, two sided, White, Yellow.


Traffic sign Road sign Street sign Warning sign Road signs

Traffic signs made from high quality materials can send test analysis of reflective of the value or quality of sticker, including steel pillars and frames of traffic signs to the Department of Highways and Department of Rural Roads. In addition, True Reflector Co., Ltd. has been doing road traffic signs, warning sign, traffic warning signs, or road sign with make to order and design requirements of customer or your organization.